Business Databases

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Donor Database

Browse all contributors, both active and inactive, using various search options

This intuitive system will make it easy for your non-profit to sort out donations received.  Tracks donors, contributions and events. Allows for simple thank-you card list organization. Includes publishable reports for contributions by level by event or in memory of.

Isberian Rug Company Online Catalog

Photo Detail View

The Isberian family has generations of experience in the rug business, and a truly staggering inventory to match. Lucks Digital, under contract with Blue Tent Marketing, designed and implemented a fully automated system for retrieving rug inventory information and photos from the Isberian backoffice systems and making it available for search and display online. Now, when Isberian receives a new rug, they enter it into inventory and save some pictures onto their network, just as they always have. With no further effort, the photos and rug information become available online.

Opportunity Tracking Database

Browse all contract opportunites from potential to awarded.

Incredible business analysis tool! Designed to help construction businesses keep track of potential opportunities during the bidding process, this system was designed to integrate with the Timberline accounting system but can stand alone as well. Great for business developers and CFOs to get a real-time snapshot of where active contracts stand with the click of a button while keeping all members of the bid team on the same page. Intuiative charts and graphs on forms and reports have impressive visual impact for presentations.

ResortQuest Ski and Sport Online Reservations

Main Page

ResortQuest Ski and Sport runs ski rental operations in three of Colorado's premier ski resorts. Under contract wth Blue Tent Marketing, LD designed and developed a custom rental reservations module for the company's website. The software allows complete backend administration of product offerings and pricing at all resorts, order management, payment processing, and scheduled data export. Special group pricing and group reservations management features were also developed. This project was implemented using PHP, MySQL, and Authorize.NET for payment processing.

USPS Label Sorter for Periodicals

Allows user to import data from excel, view 3541 worksheet, print labels

Developed for Snowscoop, a snowmobiling periodical, this database saves days of work by importing your addresses from pre-formatted excel files and creating a 3541 worksheet for you. It also prints your labels.

Lodging Reservation System

Access to all modules: Clients, Properties, Housekeeping, Reservations, Contacts

A complete lodging management system that tracks units, owners, guests, reservations, housekeeping, maintenance and billing. Availability of units is published dynamically online with the click of a button using ODBC and MYSQL. Allows for entry of complex commission structure for multiple tour operators and travel agents as well as differing rate structures for each unit. Contracts are merged into Microsoft Word Documents.


Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

Tabbed browser lets you view work orders, vehicles, parts orders and fuel usage.

Utilized by the Town of Snowmass Maintenance Dept and Waste Solutions of Carbondale for years now, this database keeps track of maintenance needs, work orders and fuel usage for a fleet of vehicles. The application makes work order input a snap with the extensive list of vehicles and the parts they have built up over the years. Service packages by vehicle class can be set up to automatically create work orders for common services like oil changes that need to be done on a mileage basis.

Building Permits

Building Permit Browser

Utilized by the Town of Snowmass Building and Planning Dept for 4 years, this database keeps track of all Building Permits for TOSV. The database keeps track of local zoning information, contractor licensing and renewal, Building Permits in all phases of development, Sub-permits, and all inspections on building permits.

INPower Systems PowerView Application

v1 User Monitoring/Reporting Interface

InPower provides design and installation of tightly integrated renewable energy solutions for homes and businesses. To make the ownership experience of this new technology more interactive and real, InPower contracted with LD to develop the PowerView system for monitoring and reporting on solar, electric, and gas consumption, production, and overall system performance. LD developed the code to run hardware devices located at client installations to record data realtime from system components and post the data to an online database.

Business Licenses

Utilized by the Town of Snowmass Village Clerks Dept for 3 years, this database tracks all business licensing and renewals for the town.

Cycling Club Points Database

Race Results

Keeps track of membership, races, and results for the Aspen Cycling Club. Easy entry for categories and times lets you create result sheets in just a few minutes.

Horticultural Database

Customer File

Tracks customers and the specialized services they require for a horticultural company in Glenwood Springs. Provides proposals, work orders, invoicing and accounting reports.

Cost Recovery Database

TOSV COMM Dev Planner Log

Utilized by the Town of Snowmass Building and Planning Dept, this program keeps track of planner hours and bills projects monthly to recover the town's costs. Planners can enter hours from separate workstations. Takes base fees into consideration.

Property Management Maintenance

Work List

A great tool for a property manager, this application keeps seasonal task lists on managed properties. Services and the vendors used are customizable and allow extensive reporting by home, vendor or service.


Originally designed for Sierra Mountaineering Inc, This database schedules client reservations for custom activities using an easy-to-use use calendar format.

Travel Agent


This program tracks clientele and their respective reservations for a mountain travel agent. The system tracks condo or house reservations, airline tickets, ski tickets, and car reservations for clients. Lodging rate calculation (different costs for different nights), payment tracking, and referral pay-off reports.

Time Tracking Database

Block Hour Listing

Great for consultants! This program tracks individual hours worked on projects and provides invoicing. A nice way to let your customers know what you are doing even when you don't bill!


IT Inventory

Computer Configuration

IT manager's organizational tool keeps track of all hardware (towers to mice) and associated software. Record maintenance contract dates and numbers and inventory all equipment serial numbers. Automation makes hardware swapping easy.

Guest Management System

Guest Management Database

For the hotel industry, this marketing tool keeps track of detailed information on guests such as restaurant preferences, grocery lists, anniversaries, weddings, children's' names and ages, and extensive housekeeping notes.

Art Management

Keep track of your professional art pieces. Includes piece names, date of creation, origin, current location, design types, categories, and infinite photos of each piece. NOW Web oriented!

Real Estate Transfer Tax

Utilized by the Town of Snowmass Village Clerk's dept for 3 years, this database tracks all Real Estate Transfer Tax transactions and sends letters to title companies.

Employee Time-Off

SWSD Time-Off Schedule

Utilized by the Snowmass Water and Sanitation District, this program tracks employee's earned and used time-off and sick time based on date employee. Easy reporting lets you send individualized reports to each employee.

Animal Shelter

Shelter Records

Tracks animals and how long they have been in the shelter, treatments administered and any background information available.