Access Database Services

Flexible, Future-Proof Solutions

All Access applications are written in ADODB for easy-upgrade to other database engines such as SQL Server, making all systems scalable and affordable. Microsoft Visual Basic code is used for easy interoperability between all Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, Excel and Word, ensuring that you will always be able to access and interact with your data. Because Microsoft Access and SQL are industry standard database development tools, you will have full rights to your database code and data for future customization and upgrades from any vendor.As more businesses move toward web-based solutions, Microsoft products make it increasingly easy to integrate with the Web and enterprise data sources so the upgrade possibilities for your application are endless.


All custom applications include group and individual training with a focus on tailoring processes for maximum efficiency. Custom Applications also include an easy-to-use manual. Need company training on a specific office-related topic?

Data Manipulation and Transformation

Lucks Digital also offers data transfers from most formats to another. Get custom reports on data that you thought was inaccessible! This includes transferring existing data from another system to your custom application.


Lost your technical support for an existing Access database? We can troubleshoot problems, maintain or upgrade your database affordably!

Systems Integration

If your current software is doing mostly what you need it to, but perhaps you need that extra custom report or business analysis tool, we can help! ODBC allows for connectivity with a huge variety of other systems which means Access reports, queries and forms can interact with third-party data. Thus far we have integrated systems with MYSQL, Timberline, Practice Soutions, Megasys, Filemaker, Pearl (Bromelkamp), F-RAMS Launchpad Handhelds, Timeforce, and Equinox Handhelds. We are happy to explore any possiblity in getting to your data.